Necesse est

In high school studying lathin, we were learning well-known sentences. One was “Navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse” translated would be To sail is necessary, to live is not necessary. Not knowing the history (was not included in the studies*) it made no sense for someone born in the inlands of north Sweden not seeing the sea until grown up. During many years trying to understand, my interpretation was that the importance of  the act (of sailing). To be so obsessed with the acting that everything else loses its meaning.
There is a special kind of obsession you can meet among tattooed and pierced people who will cover more and more of their bodies with tattoos and holes.
We have a need of changing ourselves not only to be beautiful – but also to show that we are rich, dangerous, powerful, energetic, intelligent, aware etc.
But being in this act, seeing the change, can be a strong motivation.

*I just found out the background to this quote made of Pompeijus. I like my interpretation much better. If you are curious, you have to find out yourself.


  Scenario: A woman is sitting in an office. In the room is a desk, a chair, an easy chair, a carpet, a    
    mirror and a cactus. In the drawers there is paper, pencils, rope, clips  

This project was done in cooperation with the performans artist Lisa Larsdotter Petersson who is appearing on the images. It was shown as a photo exhibition in a room corresponding to the one in the pictures. Same size, same furniture and things.
Lisa was also doing her performance in this room (9 squaremeters) with the audiens looking from the door.